Thursday, 26 April 2018

Ready to Take Efforts for the Long Term Success of your Implants..?

The decision to get dental implants to replace your damaged tooth with a surrogate tooth is one of the best decisions you have made with regards to your oral health. Now, it is highly important to do everything to make sure that your implants last. Yes, it’s right that the implants do not wear out as your real teeth; however, implants can meet an unfavorable end in the event that they are not treated with enough care. Certain tips for gaining enduring implants are cited here:

  • Clean your teeth well routinely using smooth toothbrushes, to eradicate plaques out of your teeth. Brushing twice a day (ideally when you wake up, and before you go to bed) is recommended for better outcomes. Try dental flosses to clean plaque that is not removed by brushing.
  • Go for better dietary habits. Reduce the intake of food with more sugar content. Never forget to put a respite to your snacking quirk, if you are a consistent snacker!  
  • Get a charge out of biting sugarless chewing gums! This will increase saliva production and neutralizes the acid in your mouth, thereby lowering the possibilities of tooth decay.                    
  • Never smoke. On the off chance that you have the habit of smoking, put a stop to it today. It will safeguard not only your implants, but also the whole you! (And that’s probably the best advice we can give you! 
  •   Make time for routine dental checkups, as this is important to perceive your present oral condition. Your dental specialists will grant you oral care advices and preventive dental treatments like scaling, application of fissure sealant and so forth. Always ensure that you pick the best available dental clinic that can remunerate you with prominent facilities and care.
Just take care of these simple, but brilliant tips for the health and long living of your dental implants! Keep in mind, just a little effort from your end can help you gain a durable oral health!

Tuesday, 1 August 2017


 Smile makes one tolerable and sociable. Healthy teeth bring better smiles.  Tooth is so important in one’s life and he would travel across the world for getting the best treatment for maintaining them.  India is growing fast to become an affordable destination for dental care. India is one of the top dental tourism destinations in the world. India being an attractive tourist destination along with excellent dental services offered could attract loads of tourists across the globe every year.
India, a country rich in culture and heritage stays in top of the lists of attractive tourist destinations. Majority of the staffs of private clinics and hospitals are trained from foreign countries and are experience in treatment from the countries like UK, USA etc. Medical care quality in India is of higher quality compared to other countries.
The costs of dental and cosmetic surgery are high. But the dental works in India costs fractions of the cost in US and UK. Unlike other treatments, dental treatment requires less time and recovery is fast compared to all other medical treatment. In India, dental clinic in Kerala provides best dental treatment. 
The reason for India becoming a top dental tourist spot is the quality of treatment, good service etc. The cost of treatment is lesser compared to western countries. The fluency in language of the doctors and assisting staff in India makes communication easier for the foreigners.
The most popular Dental Treatments Kerala is:
·         Dental implants: a dental implant is an artificial tooth placed in the jaw for replacing a missed tooth. It is an alternative for people who have lost their tooth in accident or for suffering from periodontal disease etc.
·         Dental crown: a dental crown is a tooth shaped cap placed on the tooth in order to retain its size, strength and improve its health.
·         Dental bonding: The best dentist in Kerala recommends improving the appearance of a discolored tooth. A tooth colored resin material is applied to the tooth. The materials are bonded to the tooth.
·         Gum treatment: Bacteria causes gum inflammations and it is called gingivitis. It can be cured by daily brushing and flossing or regular cleaning by dental hygienist.
·         Teeth whitening: Teeth whitening can be done by an efficient dentist by using available teeth whitening systems.
·         Root canal treatment,: during root canal treatment the infected pulp is removed and inside of the tooth is carefully cleaned and disinfected and sealed. Then the tooth is restored with a crown. Root canal treatment Keralais renowned for this treatment.
·         Cosmetic dentistry: dental works to make tooth or gums to appear better.

Monday, 17 July 2017

How To Choose The Best Dental Clinic In India

Nowadays each and every one is conscious about their looks and smiles and so our dental industry is growing quickly. So while approaching a dental clinic we should choose the right option. In our current society, it is not a difficult task to find a best dentist in kerala or dental clinic in keralaBut choosing the suitable clinic is important. There are several factors to consider while  choosing a dental clinic. Here is some few factors to keep in mind for our easiness. 
Location of the clinic
The clinic should be accessible for us. Continuous check up will be needed and so long drive may mess the situation. Check the vehicle availability. Also long distance clinic may add up your travel expense too.

Operating Hours
The operating hours of the clinic should match ones time.Choose a clinic which has reasonable operating hours.

Qualification of the Dentist
It is vital to choose the qualified experienced dentist in Kerala. Enquire about his license and his past experience, his work expereience, the college from were he got the graduation and other whereabouts for safety. Give a look at the experience too.
Availability of the Latest Dental Equipment
    Check whether the clinic is updated or nor. Each and every day new technologies are rising up and make sure whether the choosen clinic is updated.

Online Presence
Appointments through online is an advantage that we can take off. Check for the online consultation if you prefer. It saves our time.

Cleanliness and Adequate Staff
Cleanliness is a major factor to consider while choosing a dental clinic. They should maintain high sterilization standards and should use high standard equipments.

It should have pleasing environment.  All the staffs should behave positively, friendly and should have a good attitude. They should be ready to serve us if needed.

Cost of treatment

Dental treatment is very costly as we all know. But make sure that the clinic is charging reasonable cost and  check wheather it is affordable to you.

Certified insurances
 Make sure that the dental clinic has the approval for functioning and is not fake.

So considering these little factors while choosing a dental clinic and make sure you have chosen the correct option.In every nook and corners you can find dentist and dental clinics and don’t run beneath it. Take some time, think, search and enquire before a decision is taken.

Friday, 13 May 2016

Different types of gum diseases may be harmful to your children

Chronic gingivitis
This is normal in youngsters. It more often than not causes gum tissue to swell, turn red and drain effortlessly. Gingivitis is both preventable and treatable with a customary routine of brushing, flossing, and expert dental consideration. However, left untreated, it can in the end development to more genuine types of the periodontal malady.

Aggressive periodontitis
It can influence youngsters who are generally healthy. Localized aggressive periodontitis is found in youngsters and teenagers and for the most part influences the primary molars and incisors.

Generalized aggressive periodontitis
It may start around adolescence and include the whole mouth. It is set apart by inflammation of the gums and overwhelming inflammations of plaque and analytics. In the end, it can bring about the teeth to become loose.

Symptoms of periodontal disease
Four main signs will caution you to periodontal ailment in your child:
·         Bleeding
Bleeding gums amid tooth brushing, flossing or some other time
·         Puffiness
Swollen and bright red gums
·         Recession
Gums that have receded far from the teeth, here and there uncovering the roots
·         Bad breath
Consistent bad breath that does not clear up with brushing and flossing

Significance of good dental hygiene in adolescence
Hormonal changes identified with adolescence can put youngsters at more serious danger for getting the periodontal infection. Amid adolescence, an expanded level of hormones, for example, progesterone and conceivably estrogen, cause expanded blood dissemination to the gums. This may bring about an expansion in the gum's affectability and lead to a more noteworthy response to any bothering, including food particles and plaque. During this time, the gums may get to be swollen, turn red and feel delicate.
As a teenager advances through adolescence, the propensity for the gums to swell in light of irritants will decrease. In any case, during adolescence, it is critical to take after a good at-home dental cleanliness regimen, including customary brushing and flossing, and consistent dental consideration. Now and again, a dental expert may prescribe periodontal treatment to forestall harm to the tissues and bone encompassing the teeth.

Guidance for parents
An Early determination is essential for effective treatment of periodontal sicknesses. Subsequently, it is vital that children get a far reaching periodontal examination as a major aspect of their standard dental visits. Know that if your child has an advanced type of periodontal ailment, this might be an early indication of systemic sickness. A general medicinal assessment ought to be considered for children who display serious periodontitis, particularly if it seems impervious to treatment.
The most imperative preventive stride against periodontal illness is to set up great oral wellbeing propensities with your kid. There are fundamental preventive strides to help your kid keep up great oral wellbeing:
·         Establish great dental cleanliness propensities early. At the point when your kid is 12 months old, you can start utilizing toothpaste when brushing his or her teeth. At the point when the crevices between your kid's teeth close, it's imperative to begin flossing.
·         Serve as a good example by practicing great dental cleanliness propensities yourself.
·         Schedule normal dental visits for family checkups, periodontal assessments and cleanings.
·         Check your kid's mouth for the indications of periodontal infection, including draining gums, swollen and splendid red gums, gums that are subsiding far from the teeth and bad breath.

Sunday, 27 September 2015

India - The Best Destination for Dental Tourism

Advanced researches show that the dental health is more close to the overall health. Taking care of your teeth is the best solutions for get rid of related severe health diseases. The oral health is more close to cardiac diseases.  The studies shows that four in every five adult facing dental problems.

Now a day’s lot of people travels outside their country only for taking dental care. The reason may relate to the, cost, hygiene, advanced treatment options etc. Countries like US, UK and other European countries, the cost of dental treatment is very high so most of them looking for dental tourism.

Most of the foreigners choosing India for dental tourism .The reason is , dental treatments in India are very hygienic at affordable cost. Also there are lot tourist places are there in India they have to enjoy their holidays.

Patients who take a get-away in a dental destination nation may find that they can work some affordable dental care into their vacation plans. Business voyagers whose work takes them abroad may organize dental care while on a business excursion—saving money on both oral treatment and travel cost.

All advanced dental treatments are available in India. The doctors in India are well experienced and educated in particular areas. Also lot of Dental multi-specialty hospitals is also available in India especially in Kerala.

Cost of Dental Treatment in India

Cost of dental treatment in India is very low compared to other countries like US ,UK etc.  India, we have clinics with state to the art equipment’s and well trained experienced doctors to match the best of international standards

With the approach of DentalTourism in India,there is a developing need with respect to the Health Care suppliers to improve themselves to give best in services and advanced treatment for patients from abroad who look for treatment while on their vaccation through the State. 

Novadent Advanced Poly Dental Care Center  understands these needs and gives the ideal arrangement regarding Customer administration and the most advanced technology in Dental treatment module to patients who look for quality treatment 

With our cutting edge Technology and Infrastructure,with a group of master experts on board, Novadent  have the capacity to give the most astounding quality in dental treatment with the most recent mechanical know how,in a financially savvy manner.Our benchmarks of hygiene and sanitization procedures are comparable to global principles.

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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Save Your Teeth From Removal Through Root Canal

Commonly dentists agree on the statement “ it’s so important to save patients own teeth whenever possible”, Because our own teeth have major role in the overall health.

Root Canal treatment is the only one solution of your deadly damaged teeth from removal. When we approach root canal? There are number of reason why people approach root canal. Mostly the severe pain in the teeth makes people to take root canal treatment. The infection or damaged pulp in the teeth causes the severe teeth pain.  Our tooth is consisting of the soft blood vessel called dental pulp. These pulps are made of connective tissues and cells which make tooth alive.

Tooth decay, crack, gum disease can result in the inflammation of dental pulp or kill the dental pulp cause tooth pain. Once the pulp dies not only make teeth pain also spreading the infection to adjacent tissues may become severe chronic disease. So it is better to make treatment soon avoiding the complications.

Generally all dentist are trained about root canal procedure, But it is better to consult a root canal specialist ( endodontist) for  best root canal treatment. An endodontist is one who got advanced training for dental pulp, cracked teeth, dental trauma, surgery etc. so their aim is to saving teeth.

Steps of Root Canal Procedure

In the initial stage of root canal procedure, if necessary an X-ray will take to check the extended damage in your teeth. In the next step dentist will give you a local anesthesia to numb the surrounding areas of tooth to be treated. After that a sheet of rubber called rubber dam will placed around the teeth for keep the teeth dry and free of saliva.  Then damaged pulp and related damaged tissues are removed from tooth through the small hole make in the tooth. After removal thoroughly clean the tooth and disinfected with antiseptic and antibacterial .Finally the teeth hole will restore with a temporary or permanent filling material will then be placed to seal the access hole that was made to treat the canals.

Root canal in India is affordable compared to other foreign countries.  Now most of the foreigners depends Indian dentist for the dental treatments because dental clinic in India is more hygienic as well as provide best treatments . Which shows the growth of dental tourism in India.