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Realize Healthy mouth implies Healthy you!!

dental clinic in Thalassery
              All of us are much concerned about our physical health, mental health, personal hygiene and well being. But what when it comes to oral health and hygiene?? Do you think we give equal importance to our oral health? The answer will be an absolute NO!! In India very few population undergo regular dental check up and maintain a healthy mouth. Have you ever thought what's the answer behind?  People in India are less aware about maintaining an oral health routine. Many of them don't know the serious outcomes of a bad teeth or gums. It has become a routine for Indians to consult doctors for even a common cold and undergo medication but very hardly to a dentist with their oral problems.  There is a vital connection between oral health and general health, about which many are unaware of!

             As per Indian Dental Association (IDA) there are more than 50,000 dentistry professionals, so it’s not that we don’t have enough oral care professionals or dentists in India. It’s just that people in India need more awareness regarding oral health and best oral irrigation treatment available. National Oral Health Programme (NOHP) initiated by IDA aims to ensure optimal oral health for all by increasing awareness, assuring excellent service and high quality dentistry care from dentists in India.  We have plenty more dentists in India from metro cities till small villages. Though the number of dentists in India is high the infrastructure and facilities may differ from place to place. Major section of dentists prefers putting up their own clinics and on the other hand some dentists in India are associated with hospitals, organizations, NGO’s, etc. India hold handful of dental professionals and dentistry clinics in every state.

                  When it comes to dental tourism along with super specialty mouth check up in India then Kerala is a place to be mentioned as it has immense scope for promoting dental tourism providing world-class quality oral check up. Kerala usually referred as “GODS OWN COUNTY” as name indicates is a true heaven blessed with vibrant climate, natural features, mountains, back waters, rivers and much more. Kerala is an ideal destination to take a break and get your body renovated both physically and mentally.  Kerala is one among the leading destination for dentistry vacation in India. Pointing towards outstanding dental clinics in Kerala, we have plentiful options.

             Kannur in Kerala is best known for its tourist spots and an ideal place for promoting dental tourism.  Kannur is well known for its cultural and historical heritage. Lot of tourist attractions add to the credit of Kannur making it a better place for promoting medical tourism. Muzhappilangad Drive-in Beach, Thottada Beach, Payyambalam Beach, Paithalmala, Kanoor Fort, Aralam wildlife sanctuary etc are among few famous tourist destinations in Kannur. It is a leading place, which gives pretty much importance to folk arts. This place is also well known for Theyyam, which is a dance form and the best beautiful traditional ritualistic form. Theyyam give much importance to ritual, vocal and instrumental music, dance, painting, sculpture and literature. Along with a wonderful vacation here you can also avail excellent dental treatment here.

              There are many best dental treatment in Kannur. There are many hospitals and Clinics promoting medical tourism.  Novadent Advanced Poly Dental Care Center is one among them, which provides the best dental treatment in Kannur. Traverse and own a healthy smile throughout life by visiting the best ever dental care clinic in Kannur – Novadent.  Wish to take a vacation break where you can get your oral problems fixed? Then we welcome you to Novadent, an appropriate place to fix, heal and say a good bye to your dental problems. It is one among the largest dental fillings and teeth whitening clinic in Kerala. Other specialties in Novadent are Orthodontics, Endodontics, Prosthodontics, Periodontics, Oral medicine, Implant surgery, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

             Recently Colgate-Palmolive (India) ltd, a leading tooth paste brand in India initiated Oral Health Month with a motive to promote and increase oral health care and its importance. A shocking revelation after the survey was that more than 67% of Indians never consulted a dentist and nearly 30% of the population consults a dentist in India only if they have a major oral problem. We all know “prevention is better than cure”, so a regular (probably once in every 6 months) visit to a dentist can keep your oral problems at bay. So why not conquer world with a healthy smile??

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