Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Save Your Teeth From Removal Through Root Canal

Commonly dentists agree on the statement “ it’s so important to save patients own teeth whenever possible”, Because our own teeth have major role in the overall health.

Root Canal treatment is the only one solution of your deadly damaged teeth from removal. When we approach root canal? There are number of reason why people approach root canal. Mostly the severe pain in the teeth makes people to take root canal treatment. The infection or damaged pulp in the teeth causes the severe teeth pain.  Our tooth is consisting of the soft blood vessel called dental pulp. These pulps are made of connective tissues and cells which make tooth alive.

Tooth decay, crack, gum disease can result in the inflammation of dental pulp or kill the dental pulp cause tooth pain. Once the pulp dies not only make teeth pain also spreading the infection to adjacent tissues may become severe chronic disease. So it is better to make treatment soon avoiding the complications.

Generally all dentist are trained about root canal procedure, But it is better to consult a root canal specialist ( endodontist) for  best root canal treatment. An endodontist is one who got advanced training for dental pulp, cracked teeth, dental trauma, surgery etc. so their aim is to saving teeth.

Steps of Root Canal Procedure

In the initial stage of root canal procedure, if necessary an X-ray will take to check the extended damage in your teeth. In the next step dentist will give you a local anesthesia to numb the surrounding areas of tooth to be treated. After that a sheet of rubber called rubber dam will placed around the teeth for keep the teeth dry and free of saliva.  Then damaged pulp and related damaged tissues are removed from tooth through the small hole make in the tooth. After removal thoroughly clean the tooth and disinfected with antiseptic and antibacterial .Finally the teeth hole will restore with a temporary or permanent filling material will then be placed to seal the access hole that was made to treat the canals.

Root canal in India is affordable compared to other foreign countries.  Now most of the foreigners depends Indian dentist for the dental treatments because dental clinic in India is more hygienic as well as provide best treatments . Which shows the growth of dental tourism in India.

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