Tuesday, 1 August 2017


 Smile makes one tolerable and sociable. Healthy teeth bring better smiles.  Tooth is so important in one’s life and he would travel across the world for getting the best treatment for maintaining them.  India is growing fast to become an affordable destination for dental care. India is one of the top dental tourism destinations in the world. India being an attractive tourist destination along with excellent dental services offered could attract loads of tourists across the globe every year.
India, a country rich in culture and heritage stays in top of the lists of attractive tourist destinations. Majority of the staffs of private clinics and hospitals are trained from foreign countries and are experience in treatment from the countries like UK, USA etc. Medical care quality in India is of higher quality compared to other countries.
The costs of dental and cosmetic surgery are high. But the dental works in India costs fractions of the cost in US and UK. Unlike other treatments, dental treatment requires less time and recovery is fast compared to all other medical treatment. In India, dental clinic in Kerala provides best dental treatment. 
The reason for India becoming a top dental tourist spot is the quality of treatment, good service etc. The cost of treatment is lesser compared to western countries. The fluency in language of the doctors and assisting staff in India makes communication easier for the foreigners.
The most popular Dental Treatments Kerala is:
·         Dental implants: a dental implant is an artificial tooth placed in the jaw for replacing a missed tooth. It is an alternative for people who have lost their tooth in accident or for suffering from periodontal disease etc.
·         Dental crown: a dental crown is a tooth shaped cap placed on the tooth in order to retain its size, strength and improve its health.
·         Dental bonding: The best dentist in Kerala recommends improving the appearance of a discolored tooth. A tooth colored resin material is applied to the tooth. The materials are bonded to the tooth.
·         Gum treatment: Bacteria causes gum inflammations and it is called gingivitis. It can be cured by daily brushing and flossing or regular cleaning by dental hygienist.
·         Teeth whitening: Teeth whitening can be done by an efficient dentist by using available teeth whitening systems.
·         Root canal treatment,: during root canal treatment the infected pulp is removed and inside of the tooth is carefully cleaned and disinfected and sealed. Then the tooth is restored with a crown. Root canal treatment Keralais renowned for this treatment.
·         Cosmetic dentistry: dental works to make tooth or gums to appear better.